How to Win in a Partner Drill (Even When You are on the Losing End.) By Pamela Muir. (28-August-14)
A brief essay offering advice on how to get the most from a partner drill, even when it is your job to take the hit.

Should women fencers wear chest protectors? By Pamela Muir. (19-August-13)
Yes, unequivocally yes.

Relax! It's only fencing. By Pamela Muir. (18-March-13)
Intellectually, we know that being able to relax during drilling or free play will improve our performance. So how do we bring it about?

A Pointed Primer - A simple introduction to fighting with the rondel dagger By Pamela Muir. (9-September-12)
Let's enter an imaginary scenario. Somehow you have been challenged to a fight with medieval rondel daggers and you have only this single training session in order to prepare for it.

Ringen Acupressure or The Liechtenauer Touch of Death By Pamela Muir. (14-February-12)
In a survey of medieval wrestling techniques, called Ringen in the Liechtenauer tradition, there is a recurrence of actions that use pressure. The idea is that by applying pressure at partcular points on your opponent's body, you force him into compliance because you have either created pain or naturally disrupted his body structure.

The Importance of Fundamentals in Italian Rapier By Tommaso Leoni. (27-April-09)
OK, so you are a student of the Italian rapier. Tell me honestly. How many lunges do you do every week?

The Importance of Skill Progressions in the Western Martial Arts By Maestro Sean Hayes. (19-September-07)
In studying any physical discipline, it is important to develop a plan for making maximum progress, and for using one's time efficiently.

Affect and Effect: The Sabre Cut of the 20th Century By Chris Holzman. (13-August-07)
An article exploring the technique of the sabre cut in the Italian fencing tradition in the 20th century.

From Radaelli to the Present By Chris Holzman. (12-June-07)
A Brief Essay on the Evolution of the Sabre Compromise at Scuola Magistrale di Roma.

Understanding Gaining the Sword By Tom Leoni. (29-October-06)
For some reason that I find hard to fathom, the technique of gaining the opponent's sword in Italian rapier is still a mystery for a lot of fencers, and even researchers.

Understanding Tempo By Tom Leoni. (29-October-06)
Tempo is one of the most important concepts in Italian rapier fencing.

Understanding Smallsword By Tom Leoni. (26-September-06)
Welcome to the first online primer on the fundamentals of French smallsword, for those who like this weapon but have no access to pedagogical resources.

Understanding the "A" in WMA By Tom Leoni. (26-September-06)
As we all know, the acronym WMA stands for Western Martial Arts - an expression that has become intimately familiar to anyone who practices our disciplines.

The Sabre Molinello of Giuseppe Radaelli By Chris Holzman. (05-September-06)
An analysis of Radaelli's Sabre Molinello by guest author Chris Holzman.

Take Your Rapier Fencing to the Next Level By Tom Leoni. (10-August-06)
Learn how to take your Italian rapier fencing to the next level, how to set up realistic goals and how to practice your rapier effectively.

Fencing Seminar Etiquette By Steven Reich and Tom Leoni. (07-July-06)
Read the suggestions for historical fencing seminar etiquette that will help you and your drill partner get more out of the class.

The Rapier Revisited By Tom Leoni. (04-July-06)
Since over a year ago, when I wrote the article "What is a rapier?" I have attempted to learn even more about the weapon by reading all I could lay my hands on, by scouring museums, catalogs and private collections that I had not yet visited, and by talking to collectors and curators.

Legitimate Teachers in the WMA Community: Advice on How to Spot Bad European Budo By Tom Leoni and Steven Reich. (17-May-06)
In recent years, the Western Martial Arts world has grown steadily in terms of quality and quantity, and while a decade ago it was rare to find individual enthusiasts within the same region, it is now common for a majority of us to operate within a thriving local community.

Masaniello Parise and the Italian-Neapolitan Classical System By Tom Leoni. (24-April-06)
To many, it may come as a surprise to learn that as a country, Italy--the birthplace of Julius Caesar, Dante and Leonardo--is little more than half the age of the United States. While the Spirit of 1776 was spreading like wildfire through the Colonies, Italy was in fact still firmly divided into republics, principalities and foreign protectorates; it was not until 1861 that Italy finally became an independent and unified kingdom...

Tactical Advice for the Rapier By Tom Leoni. (29-July-05)
Rapier students and practitioners often ask me if Fabris addresses certain tactical situations that seem to occur regularly in rapier fencing.

The Most Common Mistakes of Beginning Rapier Students By Tom Leoni. (06-May-05)
As with most demanding disciplines, fencing has its set of common beginners' mistakes. Having practiced, taught and observed historical fencers of all levels for over a decade, I have compiled a list of the more obvious and recurring ones.

Philology in Historical Research An essay by Tom Leoni. (05-Apr-05)
One of the most unique aspects of the Western Martial Arts (WMA) revival is the fact that most researchers are amateurs as opposed to professional historians and academics.

Parrying a full-intent longsword cut with a rapier? Absolutely. By Tom Leoni. (12-Mar-05)
On the last day of the Western Washington WMA Workshop 2005, leading German-longsword researcher Christian Tobler and I set out to prove that a rapier is perfectly capable of withstanding full-blown longsword cuts delivered at speed.

The Magic of Polearms an essay by Tom Leoni. (22-Jul-04)
As a teenager, there were (many) days when I just did not feel like attending school and, more often than not, when this thought assailed me, I�d remain on the bus, which took me all the way into Milan.

Facts, Myths and Unanswered Questions: What is a Rapier? By Tom Leoni. (21-Apr-04)
In order to stay within the scope of a short and general article such as this, I will start by presenting my own general definition of a rapier.

Illustrated Guide to the Bolognese Guards for Single-handed Sword.

Schiavona Photographs (29-Jul-05)
Photographs of an original 17th century Schiavona.

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