Following are links to individuals and organizations who actively and openly contribute to the accurate reconstruction and popularization of historical European combat arts. We chose to include only the individuals or organizations with which we are thoroughly familiar and therefore can heartily endorse.

Academie Duello.
Academie Duello is a large, professionally-run historical fencing school in Vancouver, BC, headed by Devon Boorman.

Chicago Swordplay Guild.
Run by Greg Mele and Mark Rector, CSG is one of the premier North American schools for the system of Fiore De' Liberi and Filippo Vadi. Additionally, they offer instruction in the early 17th century Italian rapier under the direction of John O'Meara.

St. Martin's Academy.
This Madison, WI, based school was founded by Bob Charron, a man who has set the standard for many serious researchers in the Western Martial Arts world. Their main emphasis is on the late-Medieval armed and unarmed arts described by Fiore De' Liberi (1409).

Northwest Academy of Arms.
This school is run by Maestro Sean Hayes, a pupil of Maestro Gaugler, and a teacher of impressive skills and impeccable credentials. In addition to his certification as a master of a living Classical Fencing tradition, Maestro Hayes is one of the premier instructors of the system of Fiore De' Liberi. Additionally, he practices and teaches the medieval sword and buckler system of MS. I.33. The Northwest Academy of Arms is located in Eugene, Oregon.

Order of Selohaar.
The Order is devoted primarily to the study and practice of the 15th-Century German Liechtenauer tradition. They operate under the tutelage of talented researcher and practitioner Christian Tobler, author of the successful titles Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship and Fighting with the German Longsword. The Order of Selohaar is based in Oxford, Connecticut with satellite schools in various locations around North America.

Academia della Spada.
A very dedicated and eclectic group based in Seattle, WA. The Academia della Spada offers instruction in a diverse selection of systems including the Sword and Buckler of MS. I.33, the English Backsword of George Silver, Italian Rapier, Spanish Rapier, French Classical Fencing, Cane Fencing, and even Pugilism.

School of European Swordsmanship.
Founded in March 2001 and run by the talented Guy Windsor of Cambridge, England. Mr. Windsor's achievements as a professional teacher are considerable, and his school is flourishing with different branches around the Nordic Countries. The School of European Swordsmanship is centured in Helsinki, Finland.

Academy of Chivalric Martial arts.
ACMA is a study group founded in January 2015 for the research, study, and practice of the chivalric martial arts of medieval Europe. Their studies focus on the treatises of the Liechtenauer tradition.

Virginia Academy of Fencing.
The Virginia Academy of Fencing is the world's largest fencing school offering classes in both the modern Olympic sport and historical swordsmanship. The historical swordsmanship program is under the direction of Bill Grandy and includes classes on the German longsword and the Italian rapier.

The Chivalric Fighting Arts Association.
The Chivalric Fighting Arts Association (CFAA) is an international organization of schools and clubs devoted to the study of historical European martial arts, particularly those practiced in a chivalric context, used in war, the tournament, and the duel.

Arms and Armor.
Experts and amateurs alike agree that the weapons coming out of this Minnesota-based outfit are of a quality comparable to the originals they replicate. All components are made in-house by expert craftsmen Chris Poor, Craig Johnson and others.

Darkwood Armory.
Scott Wilson of Florida produces some of the very best and most historically-accurate rapiers of which we know. All his products are hand-made, carefully following historical proportions, weight, balance and, of course, appearance. Many swords used by the Order of the Seven Hearts are his creations.

New Stirling Arms.
Quality and durable wooden weapons. Although all their products are excellent, of special note are their Spadone wasters (two models, contact them for details) and the Italian Side Sword waster, which allows you to finger the ricasso.

Purpleheart Armoury.
Quality wooden and leather weapons. Of special note are their leather dussack, their pole axe, and their montante/spadone trainers. Also of note is their leather buckler - a necessity if you wish to use a buckler against wooden weapons.

Freelance Academy Press.
Freelance Academy Press brings readers innovative books and rich supporting material in the fields of Western martial arts, American and European history, arms and armour, chivalry, historical arts and crafts, and related adult and young adult fiction. They do this through new educational books and carefully selected, timeless reprints.

Revival Clothing Company.
Wonderful period clothes by costumer Nicole Allen. Specializing in highly-accurate medieval garb - all hand-made and well researched.

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