A Schiavona Photoshoot

Here it is, one of the most beloved European swords of all times. Its protective hilt, its versatile blade, its unmistakable appearance: the Venetian Schiavona embodies most of the things we admire about Western swords.

For your viewing pleasure, we have put up this Schiavona photoshoot, featuring an original sword from different angles and in different details - plus a shot of the Schiavona next to a 1620 rapier and another displaying the amazing flexibility of the 300-year-old blade.

If you want to see some technical specs, scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Some technical specifications:
Year: circa 1690
Blade length: 35 "
Blade width (max): 1.43"
Blade thickness (max): 0.192"
Overall length: 42"
Weight: 2lbs 3oz
Point of balance: 3 " from crossguard
Center of percussion: 9" from point
Hilt type: basket-hilt with thumb-ring
Markings: Cabalistic signs on blade and hilt

Last Updated: 28-Oct-11